Do you ever wish you had
"Phone-A-Friend"  lifeline
for your Interior Design business?

By joining the AKA Membership (Ask Kayla Anything Membership), you'll gain monthly access to Kayla Weiner, a Certified Interior Designer, Mentor, and Educator, at your fingertips through Voxer messages.
Do any of these sound like you?

Are you feeling desperate for some kind of change in your business, but you don't know what needs to change or why you're feeling this way?

Are you in a constant state of mental, physical, or emotional exhaustion and crave a refined and streamlined process for each project and business task?

Are you struggling to find your dream clients or projects that feed your soul and make you excited to jump out of bed each morning?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and are ready to outsource certain areas of your business, but you're not sure where to start? 

Are you frustrated with interactions you've had with clients, trade members, vendors, or employees that leave you questioning your decisions or affecting your self-confidence?

Are you goal-driven and ready to take action on them, but you aren't exactly sure how to make them a reality?

You're not alone!
The AKA Membership will help you...

Take control of your design business and feel confident about your progress.

Increase productivity and build an environment that encourages team collaboration.

Engage with your clients, employees, and social media audience like never before.

Escape the isolation of self-employment and entrepreneurship. 

Create innovative solutions to the problems your business is experiencing.

Brainstorm ways to implement your new ideas and dreams.

As a member of the AKA Membership, you’ll get...

One-on-One access to Kayla Weiner through the Voxer Messaging App

Monthly office hours via Voxer Messaging App for same-day support

Access to Frequently Asked Questions and additional resources.

An exclusive discount to courses or 1:1 Clarity Calls while you are an AKA member.

Join the Ask Kayla Anything (AKA) Membership today!

Monthly Access

Up to 4 Questions Per Month 

Answers to questions within 72 hours


Monthly Access

Up to 6 Questions Per Month 

Answers to questions within 48 hours

Your story here…?
Since the AKA Membership is brand new, there are currently no testimonials for it. Check out what clients have said about Clarity Calls with Kayla.
Client Chatter for my Clarity Calls with Kayla:

I'm so grateful beyond words for Kayla. When she began working with me I wasn't sure how I would feel. Before a call I would feel overwhelmed by my thoughts and even guilty for not having everything together.

She's such an amazing professional coach and so personable and caring that she is welcoming to let you share with her personal issues. She makes me feel comfortable to share non business-related things that go on in my life, that I didn't even realize that those helpful times where I can freely express my thoughts were ways I could untangle those emotions that weigh me down and get in the way of my focus on my business.

During a call I begin to feel completely relaxed by her advice. It's incredibly uplifting and motivating! My mind and soul feel light and clear where I can focus with direction. I have energy again and literally begin to do my passion of not only interior design, but I dance of joy! Her words carry on with me and help me get through the week and I ALWAYS look forward to seeing her amazing presence! 

I truly love Kayla as a person. She has an incredible gift of connecting with people, understanding them, and helping them pursue their dreams. She never quits, she's determined to help others with much passion. That to me is an angel! It's very hard to meet people so dedicated and caring as Kayla. She is awesome and I solely trust her. She has not only become my Business Interior Design Mentor, but a beautiful friend!

Marian Johnston
Well Designs |

I don’t even know where to start. Working with Kayla has been one of the biggest game changers for my business. 

Kayla has this way of seeing through all of the mess and chaos that can sometimes come with a design business and hone in on why things are working or not working. 

I can feel her intuition guiding the session and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. I consider myself to be a very self-aware person, and most of the time do not even hire or work with business coaches because I feel like I can identify what the problem or disconnect is and how to fix it. 

But after just 2 or 3 sessions with Kayla, she was blowing my mind by pointing out things that I myself have not been able to see. She then provided clear instructions on how to get myself out of the overwhelm I have been experiencing and create the business that I really want. 

Her straightforward and honest coaching methods are what I appreciate most. 

My last session with her was so impactful, I felt like huge weights had been lifted off of me after we talked. I had been spinning for months trying to figure out what was really going on inside of me that was causing the issues in my business and she nailed it within the first 20 minutes of us talking. 

My business is already so different than it was. 

I cannot recommend Kayla enough.

Dani Alexander
Dani Alexander Interiors |
The AKA Membership is for you if:

You're ready to commit to learning and investing in the necessary processes and tech to run your business, but you're not sure where to start.

You have the experience. You have the talent. But, you want additional guidance to take your business to the next level. 

You’ve been working in the industry for years, so you are ready to build your own design business, but you need additional support as you get established. 

You're interested in building a team or outsourcing, but you struggle with how to release control of everything and what you should be delegating to others. 

You find yourself with random questions throughout the month that you want answered here and there, rather than during a scheduled 1:1 call. 

You’d like another professional to review and provide feedback for pricing, project selections, tricky design dilemmas, etc. 

You have established goals and unique ideas for your business, but you aren’t sure how to get started or implement them.

The AKA Membership may not be for you if:

You enjoy working alone and don’t like asking for advice or help. 

You do not enjoy constructive criticism or critiques. 

You do not want to make changes in how you work your business or work with clients. 

You are confident in your business status and clientele. 

You’d rather have a single session to discuss various topics in an hour or two vs asking one at a time throughout the month. (Check out Clarity Calls with Kayla - coming soon!)

You are going through financial hardship and the monthly cost will mean you have to do without food, housing, etc. This offer will be here when you are ready.

Hi, I’m Kayla Weiner.
And, I help Interior Designers gain the clarity
they need to take charge of their businesses.

I created the AKA Membership because I know what it’s like to feel like you are alone in a sea of successful designers and fellow entrepreneurs. Our industry is built on the foundation of teamwork with various team members necessary to complete a single project. But, it’s rare to hear about the other side of entrepreneurship; about how quiet, lonely, and immensely suffocating it can be to know how much pressure is on your own shoulders in this business.

Kayla's Approach to Mentoring:

I believe that business is personal. Our personal life impacts our business life, and vice versa. So, it's important for me to get to know my clients on a professional and personal level. 

I utilize intuitive empathy to better understand and provide guidance on business and personal goals or growth. 

I provide insight and advice through a combination of emotional, intellectual, and logical lenses.

I genuinely believe in and love this industry, and am truly passionate about seeing those in it succeed.

Although I love working on my business at all hours of the day (you never know when inspiration will spark!), my world revolves around my four rescue beagles and their demanding internal schedules. Chances are you will see or hear them – they aren’t quiet and love to share take the spotlight! I love being an entrepreneur for many reasons, but my favorite is that I can work from home with my beagle boys and family. 

I'm also a self-proclaimed craftoholic and enjoy spending countless hours being crafty with friends, learning about new craft techniques (hello Craft-Tok ), or dreaming up a variety of new projects. And, if I'm out of the house, there's a good chance I’m at Target, Starbucks, or Homegoods (on a really good day, I’ll visit all three). And, you'll see that I'm guilty of overusing parentheses, ellipses, dashes, and emojis .

Join the Ask Kayla Anything (AKA) Membership today!

Monthly Access

Up to 4 Questions Per Month 

Answers to questions within 72 hours


Monthly Access

Up to 6 Questions Per Month 

Answers to questions within 48 hours

Frequently Asked Questions
Membership Questions
  • Is this membership only for Interior Designers?
    Not necessarily; I have coached and mentored other creative businesses. However, I may not have answers to all your questions if you are in another industry.
  • I'm an interior design student, recent graduate, new to the design industry, or new design business owner. Is this membership for me?
    Absolutely! This membership is truly designed for each member on an individual level.
  • Do I need any specific tech for this membership?
    Yes, you will need to download the Voxer App (available on Android and Apple products). There is also a web based application for Voxer.
  • Does this course come with live support/what if I have questions?
    You will have access to me through Voxer Messaging App throughout the month with turnaround response time depending on the plan you have chosen. There will also be monthly office hours, which give you an opportunity to ask questions and receive same-day answers. If you ever have questions about the membership or something else, you can also feel free to email me at:
  • When can I expect to receive responses?
    Questions will be answered typically M-F between the hours of 12pm and 9pm eastern. However, I reserve the right to answer questions outside of those days and times. The timing you can expect an answer depends on the membership level you have selected, but will be answered within 72 hours ($75/mo) and 48 hours ($125/mo).
  • Does the monthly office hours session count toward my month questions?
    No, any conversations or questions asked during the month office hours session is separate from your monthly question allowance.
  • Do follow-up questions count toward my monthly question allowance?
    Most likely, no. It's pretty common for there to be some back and forth, especially at the earlier stages of working together. I may even ask my own follow-up questions in order to better advise or give my insight. However, if it is drastically different from the original topic or involves more in-depth responses, I will let you know.
  • Are there any restrictions for how often I can ask my questions throughout the month?
    No, you can ask your monthly questions whenever you need the help. If it's in the earlier part or later part of the month, go for it. If you want to ask them sporadically throughout the month, that works, too. I do recommend that you ask one at a time versus several at once, but I do understand that sometimes two questions come to mind at the same time, and I will try my best to respond to both completely.
  • What happens if I don't use all of my questions for the month?
    Unfortunately, questions are use or lose, so any unused questions will not rollover to the next month.
  • My question isn’t here…
    Please feel free to contact me at: to ask additional questions about this course.
Billing Questions
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    All sales for this membership are final. No refunds will be issued. I believe in giving more than receiving and each of my products and services have been designed by keeping this core principle in mind. The prices are intentionally kept reasonably low in price as compared to market value to give you the tools and information you need at an affordable price.
  • Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership?
    Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time and the change will take effect at the start of the next month's billing cycle. Please send an email to to request a change.
  • When does this membership begin and end?
    You are able to join or cancel the membership at any time. Unless you have canceled your membership, you will be billed monthly based on your purchase date and not the calendar date/month.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    If you would like to cancel your membership, please contact me via email: You can cancel at any time, however, please be aware that you must cancel your membership at least 72 hours prior to the renewal date. You will have access to the membership until the last day of the current month in your membership cycle.
  • My question isn’t here…
    Please feel free to contact me at: to ask additional questions about this course.

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